Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ahoy Sailor!

There has been a large influx of sailors to Southern Charm lately. They all seem to be assembling in the ports of the sim, making eyes and pouting their lips at all men who are passing by.

"Do you think they could be, you know, uhmm.... professionals?", the Duke of Erat whispered to his consort the laird when they passed by one of them on their morning walk.
"Whaddaya mean by professionals? Speak out, man, use your words.", the laird replied irritably. He never appreciated mincing words or riddles.
"Well, you know..." the duke waved vaguely.
"No, I don't, or I wouldn't have asked, sweetums. Now speak clearly or shut up!"
"Do you think that they could - maybe, possibly - be whores?", the duke tried again with a deep red blush on his handsome face.
"Oh that! Well, of course they are! They know there are a lot of single gay men living here and some of them spending an inordinate time on hook-up apps and collecting all the gay porn produced in the world, not excluding the worst gay porn ever produced (i.e. "The Centurians of Rome"). So of course they come here to do business... Although, my security tells me, they seem mostly to be doing each other because the sim dwellers aren't showing much interest."

Model: Bock McMillan
Outfit: Sailor from boyberry (recommended to the laird by his newest personal shopper Tien Kai Dayn)
Pose: The Sniffer by Vice Poses (Finn Millar)
Photographer: Bock McMillan
Lighting Assistant: Tomais Ashdene
Shot on location at the Southern Charm sim.


  1. wonders who this is "pending an inordinate time on hook-up apps"

  2. I guess shaved armpits are a best practice for those long times spent undersea on the submarines of the Swedish Royal Navy. You can never tell who you might run into in a torpedo tube can you?

  3. I can't get the image of Bock dressed as a sailor locked in a Swedish submarine torpedo tube with a hunky nordic Tom of Finland submarine crew keeping Bock as a playtoy ---with that hot outfit on. I need to write a story about it.


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