Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It's All Divos's Fault!

I blame Divos Titanium!

Clint Rogers by Juliio Coast
If the scoundrel had only shown the slightest bit of restraint or self control and not given in to the urge to show off his stunning new mesh head by posting an update on his profile on Facebook, my Tomais and I would have had a wonderful, calm and loving evening together.

Instead we were busy looking at - and trying out - almost every mesh head for men that are on sale. I think there are about 8-10, but I lost count somewhere. (Luckily I am not a woman, because then there would have been 80-100 different mesh heads to check out.)

Tomais who was multitasking as always, reading up about the various heads on blogs while trying them out. It became a tiny bit too much for him when I eagerly demanded his full attention and wanted him to look at little old me at the same time... The meanie snapped at me, can you believe it? Several times too. He is truly fortunate that I am indeed the most patient man in SecondLife, everyone has told me so repeatedly, otherwise I would have stuffed a mesh head or two down his throat or somewhere else where the sun wouldn't bleach them. Then again, I do love my man a lot and can understand if he gets short tempered when he is trying hard to solve our immediate issues while I just stand around and try to look pretty and babble on.

Well, I decided on the getting the lovely LOGO mesh head.

And now I am going to be busy trying to update all my human outfits with the new head and skin.

Thank you so bloody much, Divos! And thank you also for showing us all how we can make our appearances better! 

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