Sunday, May 22, 2016

JJ Goodman's Photos from the Benefit for Bri

Today I am sharing my talented brother JJ's photos from the highly successful Benefit for Bri at the Starlight Ballroom yesterday. The reason for this is that "grey people" kept messing up my own pictures, and JJ's are much better anyway.

Kahvy was the master of ceremonies for the full four hours the event lasted, sometimes DJ-ing but always telling us what dances to perform to the music that was played.

Live entertainment was provided by singers Samm Quendra and Reallymad Morpork. They were both in excellent form.
My son Pook and his man Knox
The lady of the day, Ms Bri Franklin
in the avatar of Kerowyn Kirke
Her Irrelevant UnGodliness of Troublesome Pwincess of Glorious Uncle Huggings, 
a.k.a Pienikins
Butch, he cleans up nicely huh?
Kharissa and the event DJ and ballroom master of ceremonies Kahvy
Leonard, shows us the moves a la mode
The always elegant PuPicita
Samm at the microphone
Garrett - looking a bit tired with hurricanes and all going on...
My Tomais dancing with some guy in a kilt
The stunning couple Richard & Steven
My BIL Michi & his Tien
My wonderful brother JJ & his Aeon
RickJ, the organizer of the event, and Bri
Study of Samm, relaxing after her set
Proud dad Tomais and the lovely Bri
Helene & her stunning man Dozer
Sexy SL-artist Madonna a.k.a. Sascha
The stunning Theron
Sweet Cayson & Scio
For more pictures from this event, please visit JJ's album on Facebook Benefit for Bri

Please note, This event continues until May 31st, 2016, so you can still go to The Starlight Ballroom (SLurl) to support Bri either by donations or by purchasing some - or all - the generously donated creations.


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