Friday, June 17, 2016

Second Pride Festival Starts Today

The Second Pride Festival 2016 starts today!

This is going to be so fun and exciting! I'm sure it will be "the best Pride ever", somehow that is mostly the feeling I walk away with at the end of every festival.

Just being there, meeting the people you like but still haven't seen much of since last Pride because our timezones are different and our circles don't overlap. Every year it is also exciting to make new friends - who may become "Pride friends" but, with any luck, closer.

Bock in SecondLife is going to be there - of course - and I will eagerly report back to you almost everything I encounter, but perhaps a bit more sparsely this year as I will not start my vacation until Midsummer's Eve, which is next Friday.

To celebrate the Pride Festival I have made a blog header of my own, I forgot to consult my clever and talented husband Tomais in time. I am graphically challenged but it will suffice for the coming nine days.

I hope to see you all at Bock in SecondLife's booth at Second Pride South or at the blog's event on this Saturday, 2-4PM SLT, when I and Kahvy are starting a new tradition - hopefully - with this event.

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  1. Second year in a row, though last year it was in front of the Parade, there isn't one of those this year if I am not mistaking; Back to basics!


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