Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Women and Clothing

When will men, politicians and legislators (particularly the French and the Islamophobes) learn that it is a woman's fundamental right to decide over her clothing and over her own body?

If a woman wishes to wear a burkini to the beach, it is her prerogative to do so. Just as much as she has the right to wear a bikini or even to throw away her bikini-top.

These rights do not diminish if she happens to be a Muslim and chooses to cover her body at the beach.

Stay the hell away from woman's clothing and their bodies!

Should the men, legislators and politicians (particularly the French, right-wing, Christian and Islamophobic ones) not be able to contain themselves completely, perhaps they should legislate that Philippe Pradal, le maire de Nice, should be obliged to wear a burkini when he visits a beach. I am certain that he would be much more of an eyesore in regular swimwear.

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