Monday, February 13, 2017

Picture of the Day - 501

"fallout" by Garrett Smith
This picture by my friend Garrett, comes with a quote that I feel is essential to understanding it: "Except for fools and madmen, everyone knows that nuclear war would be an unprecedented human catastrophe." - Carl Sagan

If you wish to see more of Garrett's photography, please visit his Flickr photostream by clicking the name under the picture.


  1. OMG. Wow, what an honor. So not worthy. I know this to be a true statement because I have seen the quality and amazing creativity of the work that is shared on Flickr. I am humbled by it. Maybe this picture just happens to touch on the fear we all share when the erratic are in charge. Kahvy has to take a huge amount of the credit for this picture. He steered me into the direction this picture took. Thank you K. Thank you so much Bock.

  2. He has more talent than he wants to admit. And amazing artists around him to learn from.


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