Sunday, July 30, 2017

Unmitigated Hotness

The McMillan brothers show off their hotness in the same hairstyle. From left to right, silver fox Dejerrity, blond Bock and brunette JJ.



  1. That Dej guy is hot, I would do him.

    1. Hiya Not-Dej, good to have you back.

      I must say the meshifying of my much, much, older brother have gone astoundingly smoothly. We are all of us happy with the amazingly terrific results.

      This indeed shows that there is hope for anyone - and we aren't even close to the end of the project.

    2. I see. Well if I was Dej - which I am clearly not - I imagine he would say something clever, as he is very smart. Something like,

      "I've seen seen igneous rocks that are younger then you"


      "When you were born the pyramids were still in the concept phase"


      "The number 1 song when you were born was just the shrieks people made when they were running away from a T-Rex."

      But I'm just guessing.


      Not Dej

    3. ROFL I love you too Not-Dej! You are almost as smart as Dej but not quite...


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