Sunday, April 1, 2012

Egg Hunt at *Virtually Gorgeous*

I got an IM from my sweet friend Carol Pixelmaid, fashion designer and owner of the soon-to-be-famous *Virtually Gorgeous* label and store in SecondLife.
"Hey Bock, I am having a little Mini Easter Egg Hunt at my store, and I wondered if you would pass the note on to your friends, or alts, the outfit is cute and the hunt is easy."
If I were you I would not believe the easy part of that message (I still remember with dread the time I spent five hours in Vampi´s shop trying to find another "easy" egg), but here are some more instructions for you.
"*Virtually Gorgeous* is having a mini Easter Egg hunt, throughout the month of April.
The Hunt consists of, 6 eggs, each containing a gift, that make up the "Sexy Chick Look" The Yellow Easter Eggs are hidden around the store! *Virtually Gorgeous* Main Store (SLurl) 
Make sure you join in the Easter Fun, and get yours!
Hugs, Carol Pixelmaid <3"
When you get to the store inworld, please note that Carol also has a store with furniture and more cool stuff next to the fashion store. I am hoping that,you have already noticed that I have a link to Carol´s store blog Virtually Gorgeous in my blogroll.

Ughhh this reminds me I need to start thinking about making Easter cards, with my blushing bride Iendi craving all my intention that will be difficult... Why are women so difficult to satisfy, I wonder?

UPDATE April 2, 2012: I can now proudly report that I concluded the egg hunt yesterday. It took me about an hour to find the first one, but after that - when I had figured out how the sneaky little Carol was thinking - I found all six eggs in about 20 minutes. It was fun!


  1. Bock run and do that hunt!
    You must collect all this beautiful lingerie for your bride!
    Understand that some little gifts now and then or merely every day will be VERY satisfying for her! She may even give you some time off...

    1. Hihi I finished the hunt last evening, so now I am the proud owner of women´s lingerie for Easter.

      Unfortunately for me - and Iendi - the items are not transferable, but I am sure I will find some event when I can use the beautiful lingerie and tattoo. The shoulder chick I will start using directly ;)


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