Thursday, November 15, 2018

Happy 10th Rezday, Tomais!

Night Life
"Night Life" by Tomais Ashdene

My wonderful and sexy husband celebrates his 10th rezday in SecondLife today. He is so lucky that I have decided to remain married to such an old avatar. Of course, that decision may have been affected by his pleasant nature and his stunningly good looks.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Rude Fashion Designers

We all know that some fashion designers in first life aren't known for being civil or courteous. Stefano Gabbana called Selena Gomez "ugly", Karl Lagerfeld said Adele was "a little too fat" and let's not go near John Galliano's abusive racist and antisemitic comments.

Did you know that fashion designers in SecondLife are just as bad?

I have a friend who has his own brand of clothing and he asked me if I would try out some of his new pants the other evening. As the always charming and agreeable man that I am, I agreed to do it.

When I pointed out two small, but ever so irritating, problems, a glitch in the "autohide body"-script and the fact that the ass of the pants seemed to be made for Kim Kardashian, the designer came over at once, took a look and then proceeded to tell me the problem was not with the pants he made but my body.

"You have childbearing hips", he told me, "and no ass. My pants are designed for men." (His emphasis, not mine.)

How rude is that, I ask you?

I most certainly was not rendered speechless by this blatant rudeness, but instead graciously informed my dear friend, that as we were speaking, songs and odes were being written about the wonders of my exquisite body, my slender manly hips, and my voluptuous, perky and peachy derriere. There was nothing at all wrong with my body, it was his "autohide body"-script that was faulty and he had made the ass enormous.

(P.S. Ughhh I don't know what is going on with my left wrist...)

PLEASE NOTE: I have been told that people don't always understand my jokes (or even when I am joking). To be on the safe side, let me tell you that Petr and I were both joking and having fun.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Second Pride Chair Resigns

Today the following announcement has been published on the Second Pride website (url).
"Dear Community, 
Today after a productive board meeting, our chairperson, Rez Vale-Starfall resigned from Second Pride. This was after he left the meeting and was done by announcement on our public group. I can assure you this has left the board members in shock as none of us saw it coming.
We will continue to work hard on building Second Pride and having quality events. We thank Rez for his hard work and dedication to the LGBTQ Community of Second Life. 
In the interim, please watch our group and website for announcements on our upcoming December holiday event.
i0nCommunications Director/Acting Co-ChairSecond Pride"
Per the bylaws acting co-chairs are now the Community Relations/Marketing Director i0n (AlPrunty), and the Events/Marketing Director Nicky Windstorm (DunceMidwest).

Saturday, November 10, 2018

I Love Snaps!

I don't usualluý drink much, but this has been an awful day and it's the second time this week I am getting inebriated. On Thursday we had a planning conference at work with dinner and today we had a chairman resign, so I am allowed.
I identify mostly as a European and Scanian, but when it comes to my drinking habits I am all Swedish. I love and adore snaps. I've already finished an Örtagårds brännvin, a Skåne Akvavit, a Herrgårds Akvavit and a Läckö Slottsakvavit (50 ml each), but I am not done yet. There is at least a Bäska droppar and O.P. Andersson Aqvavit requiring my attention.

See you all tomorrow - late...  

I'm Drunk But I Have Never Been More Sane In My Life

Love all you sweet people!
It's been one of the worst days of my life but after a few snaps on the recommendation of my love Tomais and my buddy Lee, and I am feeling just awesome! Akvavit solves all problems and makes you feel mellow and forgiving and loving and sweet.

Anyone want to come to Sweden for some hanky-panky tonight?