Saturday, September 22, 2012

Preparations for Wintering

Well, today is the autumn equinox in the northern hemisphere. All species of animals are starting to prepare for the onslaught of winter, and the Bock-monster also.

The Bock-monster was the nickname lovingly given to the Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm and prince of Cascade Falls, by the amazing Ms. Elfay Pinkdot, who once had the renowned "Coffee and Pajamas Jazz Show" at Circe´s Sunset Jazz Club. This was a regular hangout for the laird during Saturdays or Sundays for several years, at first usually with his Ars but later on his own. Well, not alone actually because he had many dear friends there.

The animals have three options to choose among. The first is whether to stay or to migrate to warmer climes. if they decide to overwinter they must decide whether to hibernate or to face the winter awake.

The last three days the laird sees to have slipped into a state of semi-hibernation, as soon as he comes home from work he throws himself in bed and pulls the duvet up over his head, taking care to see to it that his feet do not stick out. He then sleeps until midnight and then wakes up to drink a little water, brush his teeth and read mail for about an hour or two before going back to bed to sleep until it´s time to get up for work.

A part of the hibernating process is also to fatten up before falling asleep, for this reason the laird has in those three days consumed one (1) kilogram of Bassett´s Winegums on his own. He cannot stand the sight of them anymore.

This is a rather boring existence and he misses his friends in both lives, but he is following his doctors advice, "If you need to sleep, sleep!".

Anyway I do get reports of whats happening in SecondLife. Yesterday I was informed among other things that the studly Mr. Ziggy Starsmith had been spotted at Genni´s Bar in Second Norway enjoying the music of my Sergeant at Arms, the British-Canadian cat sirhc DeSantis McMillan.


  1. Autumn is my very favorite time of year followed by spring. I usually hate summer because it brings nothing but unbearable humidity and massive frightening insects that nightmares of made of.
    I missed you horribly at Gennis on Friday my blond, beautiful, hairy calved Bock and the day although fun, was a complete depressing experience without seeing your cheerful face and hearing your fantastic voice. Put down those wine gums and come with me.....

    1. I will see you soon again, Ziggy, actually I have been inworld both Saturday and Sunday but you were not there so I am guessing you had a weekend shift again.

      Oh Avacar mentioned he had suggested you take us on a new exploration. I would love to come along, just so you know - so please plan it for a reasonable Euro-time slot or a Friday or Saturday. ;)

      Hugs buddy, see you soon!


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