Sunday, October 14, 2012

Take the Poll; Should Ziggy Stay In SecondLife?

Photo by Ziggy Starsmith
Today my hotheaded and passionate buddy Ziggy Starsmith has gone to far!

After a rant against my darlings Linden Lab, where he accuses them of all the problems in First and SecondLife and then some, he ends the post with actually threatening to leave SecondLife by November 25, 2012, if things don´t improve in a hurry!

Read his post here Ziggy On The Edge Of Second Life: Crash After Crash... Second Life Apocalypse.

I left him this response in a comment on his blog.
"My dear, sweet, charmingly hotheaded, fiery and wonderfully passionate but extremely rash darling buddy!
Please read what you yourself have written carefully. You are on the same modem and the same hook-up as Larz and "he has no issues most of the time". Doesn't this tell you that the problem is with your computer and not with SecondLife, sweetheart?
And what the fuck is this shit about you leaving SecondLife? Are you trying to kill me off completely?

I do not care if you don´t own land or if you become a basic account freeloader but don´t you even think of leaving, and especially not for that hellish Facebook of all the damned Internet social networks.
Take deep breaths, my darling buddy, and please calm yourself.

Love you always, even when you become a rash and impetuous Linden-basher!

With this post I want to give him a flap in the face and tell him to simmer down, because we are many who actually love him and need him in SecondLife! Take the poll in the upper righthand corner and dammit check the correct option or else...!

I also promise and plan to come inworld more often so that I can enjoy his company more.


  1. My beautiful Bock, I am going nowhere and will always be on Second Life but just not spending any real life cash to support it anymore...I will be more like a nomad/gypsy squatting on different sims ;-)
    How can I leave with beautiful friends like yourself, Guyke and Eddie around etc etc.
    Thank you for slapping my face though but it hurts so now you need to kiss it better...

    1. Haha I will give you loads of kisses on the cheeks to take away the pain!

      And you don´t need to be homeless, I am sure we can find somewhere on Southern Charm for you if need be. ;)

  2. You dont need land, you are always welcome in my home when you need to change clothing Ziggy ;)

  3. Bock and Mia you are too kind.
    I am not going anywhere!
    Your love convinced me to stay!!!!!!

    1. Good! ;)

      ...and where were you today if I may ask, when I finally returned to SecondLife it was Ziggy-free ;(

  4. I am working all weekend and all this week so won't be on SL until next weekend. Maybe it's a good break for me!

  5. Yeah stay Ziggy. Don't make me get out my belt and spank you.

    1. LOL, but I am not completely sure if this is a punishment or a reward for Ziggy... I am guessing that we may need a trial session to check his reaction. ;)

  6. Phew! I read Ziggy's rant too Bock. Glad to hear you're staying in SL Ziggy - we were worried! ...and agreed Bock, he can't go on to that old Facebook malarky! ;-)

  7. Ziggy, have you tried an alternate viewer? The SL viewer sucks, I use the Phoenix viewer, and I almost never crash anymore, as long as my graphics are set appropriately to my computer. Give it a try.

    And give a second thought to Bock's offer for a home on Southern Charm. Lots of space here, and low script usage.

    Think about the possibilities before you leave...



  8. If I did not love Second Norway so much I would be there in a heartbeat...

    1. Pffft we all know you just prefer to be close to Mialinn, you..., you..., you bisexual you! ;)

  9. Seduce me and see if I am bisexual ;-)))))


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