Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dealing With Backlog

I am drowning in post-it stickers and paper stacks at work at the moment.

The situation has changed drastically over just a few months, due to two experienced lawyers leaving and being replaced by two less experienced lawyers. Simultaneously there has been an increase in the workload. My forced attendance at the Polish conference last week did not help either, although it was pleasant to get away and think of and worry about the work instead of doing it.

All we can do at the moment is prioritize and handle the emergency cases with deadlines, put in long hours at work and try to charm the disgruntled clients, who of course always believe that their problem (or sometimes even nonexistent problem) should be our top priority.

We support each other as well as we can in the workgroup and seem to make an impact on the piles by our joint efforts. Hopefully we will be getting to the lower prioritized stuff by the end of next week.

This means that I am almost braindead when I get home, so I am no good company. However, I am going to try and log in a little tonight and make good time for my friends in SecondLife during the weekend. I need the rest otherwise I will go crazy.

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