Sunday, December 15, 2013

Doc Is Balled & Chained

My friend Doc Spad, the former Chair of Second Pride, married in his first life yesterday afternoon. Doc himself informed us about the planned nuptials on his blog on Thursday; Doc Spad...a few thoughts: From my virtual world to Reality...

Who would have thought it, huh?

This free, unfettered bachelor that has been roaming around in SecondLife and crushed the hearts of so many wistful men is no more. Instead we now have a grown up, reliable and dependable married man with "a Volvo, a villa and a voff-voff", i.e. a dog. (Direct translation from a Swedish joke about what defines the pillar of Swedish community, a married man.)

My best wishes go to the amazing man who successfully bagged Doc (Do you happen to give lessons in that art, sir?). My warmest congratulations go to the two of you, may you have a long and wonderful life together!


  1. Thanks Bock...and yes he is a very special man. For those of you that know know he would have to be. It's been less than 24 family is still with us and we just finished a late breakfast at OUR home with my Dad, brothers my best friend, and my new in-laws. It was nice hosting them in OUR home...John and I were great hosts for this entire weekend. Nothing has really changed... we were committed many months ago , but the fact that we have a "legal" document makes it all that much better. Both of us will be working the rest of this week...preparing for the Christmas break, after which, we will be going on our Honeymoon...leaving from Omaha. Once we return...John has promised me that he will join me in-world for a reception and give you all a chance to meet him. Thanks again for your best wishes and have a great holiday season. Love you all...Doc.

    1. BTW... No's a Ford pickup and a Porche.... no villa...but do have a nice townhouse in an old Washington DC neighborhood, and yes we do have a Dog... he's a soft coated Wheaten and his name is "Ollie"

    2. It sounds like you all had a really wonderful day, Doc, and it makes me very happy for you, John and your families.

      I am looking forward to seeing you again and to meeting John! ;)


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