Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"Account Disabled" Again

Thanks for everything, Facebook!

Sorry Tomais and all my friends on Facebook, but enough, is enough, is enough. I am not going to create another account again.


  1. There HAS to be another solution to this -- where we can get together without having to worry about being "outed" as avatars, and not reported for showing content to each other that is not even remotely sexual! If someone can figure out what to do I will join but I am not going back to Facebook if my friends like you Bock are gonna be hounded this way!

    1. *deep sigh* I feel like you, but I am discussing the situation with Tomais and we will see what comes of our talks. Facebook is a very convenient way to keep in touch with Tomais, which is my main incentive for returning if we should come to that conclusion...

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, it happened just as he was posting something there so we noticed immediately. We will see what happens now


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