Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Get Rid of Grey People

"I see grey people" is one of the most frequently heard statements in SecondLife. The expression means that the surrounding avatars are not loading properly in that persons viewer.

After close to five years in SecondLife I recently heard about the simplest trick to solve this common problem. I have spent over 4 years trying to solve this problem whenever it hits me with clearing the web cache, relogging and reloading Inventory or sometimes even rebooting my computer, when the problem could be fixed with a simple action. Can you believe it?

What you should do in this situation is simply change your group tag or switch to no group tag. Usually, this simple measure solves the grey people problem in less than 30 seconds.

(I am banging my head against the wall to try to remember who told me about this, but I just cannot recall who it was.)


  1. Wow! Thanks for the tip Bock.... will try it next time I'm hit by the grey people.

  2. Damn usefull :)The Laird now appointed as The Tek Guru

  3. Yay!!!!! Happy Dancing,now Bock! Big huggles and you are Techmsster!!

  4. kk, Techmaster*!! Typonese is a hard language to master :)

  5. It works for me, so I hope it does for you all too!

    Yeah Diana, the trick with being excellent at Typonese is to successfully fight the urge to correct your mistake ;P

    Hugs all!

  6. and if that doesnt work zoom in on a prim very very close and wait for a minute or so then go back to normal view - i usually zoom in on a contestboard or something like that...
    change group tag doesnt seem to work for me that often. not that i have the problem very often on my main comp - i do on the laptop tho.

  7. You´re welcome Christo! ;)

    ...well the zooming trick doesn't work for me Vampi, but this trick seems to work so far. ;)


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