Monday, October 24, 2011

Is Bock A Closet Techie?

Bock by Chade Dagger
I am brilliant, bloody brilliant, even if I have to say so myself!

At this very late hour I just succeeded in recovering all my mail and contacts from before my meddling with the computer the other day.

Now straight to bed, my project for tomorrow is to find my bookmarks!


  1. Thank God you unbelievably sexy man xxx

  2. You can make any hard disk shriek with pleasure Bock!

  3. Well, Ziggy I know exactly whom to thank for that "divine interference" and it wasn't God. I had been thinking about Ars and looking at pictures of him and us all evening because today was his rezday. After that I tried to solve the problem and followed the instructions I found to the letter but still could not get it right, so I went to bed. After a while in bed I thought, "You should try again!". So I got out of bed and fiddled around without the instructions (but of course they were still in the back of my head), suddenly I thought "Why not try this?" and without thinking much I did something and there it was in full sight - the bloody missing .pst-file! Problem mysteriously solved! ;)

    Hugs both of you and mental kisses, squeezes and hugs to my Ars too! ;)


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