Saturday, October 15, 2011

Just Floating

After a few weeks of almost total focus on first life I have again slowly started to immerse myself back into my second life.

This time I am feeling a certain resistance; I am not sure why really. A possible reason could of course be that the ones that have been closest to me for a long time have for the time being more or less dropped out of Secondlife, some due to personal priorities and others due to actions taken by Linden Lab. Nevertheless I miss them all badly sometimes.

I have also recently accepted a proposal to take part in a mediation between myself and "the opposition", as I call them, or "the innocents", as they prefer to call themselves in this Swedish Civil War in SecondLife. We will in time see what comes out of this, in the mean time I am refraining as much as possible to read most Swedish SecondLife blogs except PetGirl´s, Apmel´s, Vanadis´s and a provocative newcomer (well, so he says and for now I accept it) who calls his blog Znapscrap.

To take part in the mediation I have set up a few conditions.

Primarily I have asked that we actually talk in voice. My experience is that otherwise some participants do not actually read what is written but start typing halfway into what anyone says because they assume they know what the other person is actually going to say. This only results in intentional or unintentional misinterpretations, with voice this can be corrected swiftly.

My second condition is that at least one or two of the "first-liners" take part, not only some of their followers.

Although some time has now elapsed since I accepted the proposal of mediation nothing more has come of it yet, I do not want to speculate in why.

Meanwhile I am taking it very easy and slow, mostly relaxing and trying not to worry about anyone or anything at all. I am just floating around, but luckily facing upwards.


  1. I have always been proud of my Swedish heritage until I came to Second Life. Sweden for me is a place of egalitarianism, goodwill, and social equality.

    I cannot tell you how embarrassed I am to admit in SL that I am a Swedish-American. I have read both Bock's blog and all the others, too. All I have to say is stop the idiotic behavior. Your need for drama is really pathological. Grow up and act like adults. There are much more important things in life than how a St. Lucia's festival goes or whatever the current drama concerns.

    I realize Americans behave stupidly most of the time. So,I don't have a bully pulpit. Still, I am and always will be disappointed to find out you are no better than we are.

    I am also Bock's friend, so take that as it is. I am glad he is participating in the mediation. I hope to attend a St. Lucia's festival this December that includes everyone from SL Sweden.

  2. Ma ́am, yes Ma´am! I will do as you tell me, Ma´am.
    Ma´am, thank you Ma´am!

    ...and if it pleases you Ma´am, may I hug you?

    And hugs to Ziga too ;)

  3. Diana takes off her army boots, pulls out the attorney fangs, and puts on a big fuzzy sweater and her Hug n Kisses HUD and says "Hug away my friend!" :)

  4. LOL I knew you would understand, Ma´am!

    Now please accept my hugs and then give you-know-who a gentle caress and a fast slap on his marble-ass from me! ;)


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