Thursday, October 20, 2011

Named Avatars 2

This is the second installment in my new series about the intriguing names of avatars in SecondLife.

After I posted the first one I have gotten absolutely no more volunteers, which has made me realize that I would have to do two things. 
1. I would have to do a post on how I myself chose the name for my avatar.
2. I would also have to start nagging, coercing and threatening family, friends, acquaintances and even total strangers with dire punishments and consequences if they did not voluntarily submit their information and pictures. 

So here is my own contribution to the series.

"Bock" by Ika Cioc (spring 2008)
I was Bock long before I came to SecondLife in the early spring of 2007. The only thing that was added when I joined SecondLife was the surname and I chose it with great care. I will remain Bock even if SecondLife should one day cease to exist.

The word "bock" in Swedish means many things. Google translates it to the following words in English; buck, goat, trestle, stud, duck, tick, cross, billy-goat, fault and howler. The word holds even more meanings, although they are rarer.

Swedes - or most other speakers of a Germanic language - who first see it and do not know me often at first interpret it in the meaning "horny man".

I will not lie, the double entendre did not escape me when I once chose it, but the name was originally derived from the Swedish word "Stenbock" which is the Swedish form of the astrological sign of Capricorn.(No, I do not believe in astrology!)

The surname was a bit harder to chose, but as soon as I saw the list of 250-something surnames that Linden Lab supplied in those days I knew it would be something Gaelic (Scottish or Irish) because I have always had a weakness for tartans and for their charming pronunciation. After considering the choices offered for two days I finally arrived at the conclusion that I was of course a McMillan.

If you would also like to participate in the series by sharing your reasons for choosing the name you have given your avatar, please send me an e-mail Please include a picture of yourself.

I may take some editorial liberties with your text and picture, such as correcting obvious misspellings in the US English and perhaps shortening. However I promise that I will not distort any facts and that I will contact you if the changes are of a major nature (or if I have reason to believe that you would think so).


  1. US English??????
    For a Scotsmen??????? If you should get the oportunity to write about me I demand that you use a proper language. At least UK-English! :)

  2. Bock does NOT mean the United States when he says US English. He means "Under the Sporren" English which is the common Scottish dialect. Its the type of English spoken north the Hadrian's wall (built to keep the barbarians from going South) that "grabs you by the balls" so to speak.

  3. I am glad to notice that someone understands me, Eddi! *Bock suppresses laughter while trying to look completely innocent*

  4. Two against one is cowardly! :)
    Nice try! :)

  5. Pffffffft for a shield maiden like yourself, Sjöfn, two men should be no challenge at all! ;)

  6. All opponents are not as easy to tire out before the deadly bite :) :) :)


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