Monday, November 7, 2011

Anton Gets A Stonewall Award

The Swedish pro soccer player Anton Hysén (20) has been awarded a Stonewall Award as "Sportsperson of the Year". The Swedish player was praised for taking a stand in the sport.

Anton is the world’s only openly gay professional footballer since he came out as gay to the Swedish football magazine Offside in March 2011.

Now let´s see if the Swedish Soccer Federation have balls large enough to celebrate him tonight at their big party with many awards handed out.

The Stonewall Awards is an annual event to celebrate people who have had a positive impact on the lives of British LGBT people.

Anton Hysén of course also has his own blog, Anton Hysén.

UPDATE: Nope, Anton didn´t receive any recognition by the spineless bastards of the Swedish Soccer Federation. They had an excellent opportunity to strike a blow at the rampant homophobia in sports - and they blew it.


  1. The three words "Swedish soccer player" sound so hot together. The fact that this guy is one of us is too hot to handle. Can you find any close up photographs of his thighs for me to look at?

  2. Hahaha I´ll see what I can do, I have started to go through my very private collection of him - I will check for pictures that are ehmmm "publishable"...


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