Friday, November 4, 2011

Blog Stats for October

Bock in SecondLife broke the 13k pageviews mark in October 2011. The new record is 13 436 pageviews. The previous records were set last month (12 749 pageviews) and July 2011 (12 477 pageviews).

I must readily admit that I am rather surprised by the increase as I haven´t been posting as regularly due to my preoccupation with first life.

Pageviews by country 10/2011
The trend towards a more International audience is strengthened further.

Sweden is still in the lead as my all time largest reader country with close to 53 274 pageviews, while the United States comes in at 29 272 pageviews and Egypt in third place with 5 725 pageviews.

The three largest language groups among my readers in October 2011 were English (46,9 %), Swedish (27,6 %) and German (5,1 %).


  1. Have a great time with Em, Ziga, hugs to you and a slap on Em´s ass from me! ;)

  2. The growth of your blog is great and will naturally increase over time. 13,000 seems alot now but you will soon hit 25,000 a month - it comes fast. Keep on writing interesting content which is the number 1 reason people will come to your blog. Your doing a great job!

  3. Hugs Ziggy and my mentor on blogging Eddi! ;)

  4. Who knows, maybe the pageview is even higher. I have added Google Analytics (ga.js) and some other tracking sites to my Internet Explorer's restricted sites list. This way visits can't be tracked. Maybe some others use this too.

    But well done, it's a great blog to read :).

  5. Thanks, Anonymous, and please come back soon - with or without tracking allowed! ;)


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