Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bock Wins Again - Almost...

The laird celebrates the added funds
Today Swedish blogger Sven Idyll announced the winner of the contest that he has been running on his blog Sven´s(k) Idyll the last week.

The contest was to pick out the common denominator for ten videos presented one at a time.

Video 1 Fool´s Gold med Thin Lizzy. (The singer in the band was Phil (Philip) Lynnot, so we get PHILIP)
Video 2 Walk of Life med Dire Starits. (The singers name is Mark Knopfler, so we get MARK)
Video 3 Thats´s all You Need – The Faces. (Rod Stewart was part of the group during this time and he is the singer in the song. Rod´s real name is Roderish, so we get RODERICK)
Video 4 Online Venting – Rosedale. (Easy, we keep ROSEDALE)
Video 5 Dave Gahan – Kingdom. (Another easy one, we keep KINGDOM)
Video 6 Norah Jones – Humble me. (We keep HUMBLE)
Video 7 Outkast – B.O.B. (We keep BOB)
Video 8 Ulf Lundel – Kom in, Kom in. (We get KOMIN)
Video 9 Riverside – Second Life syndrome.( We keep SECOND LIFE)
Video 10 Ledtråd CEO – White magic. (CEO is the lead here)

We now have Philip, Mark, Roderick, Rosedale, Kingdom, Humble, Bob, Komin, Second Life and CEO, what do they have in common? Mix around a bit and you have four of the CEO´s in a company. The company's product is Second life.

LINDEN LAB is the common denominator and the correct answer.

Sven tells us no one managed to get the correct answer but that Bock McMillan (that's me!) after only six clues had been presented guessed on "Second Life" and is therefore awarded a consolation prize - or as he so kindly calls it encouragement prize - of 250 Lindens.


  1. Oh Bock, you are so smart!
    And, yes of course, beautiful ; ))

  2. *blushes* Oh Kandinsky, you are just too kind! Ummm you do know I am gay don´t you...?

  3. That´s why I didn´t mention sexy, dear...


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