Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bollywood 2011

Ewa Aska celebrated her fifth rezday in SecondLife with a Bollywood party, and what a party it was!

My buddy Butch Diavolo was kind enough to accompany me there after we had gotten him some suitable attire - which of course means that he was proudly showing a lot of his gorgeous skin and body. He refused to let me use a nice pic of his behind which was cute as hell.

At the party I had terrible problems with lag which doesn't happen that often for me. The lag prevented me from taking pictures during the first half of the evening and in the second half I only got one acceptable one but it´s a beaut! 

Doesn't it look as if Apollon Allen has been working out a lot lately?

Yeah there were also many wonderful women at the party and all of them in colorful silkdresses, but alas my camera was on strike. But I got picks of the two best onse!

As you can see from the picture with Apollon Ewa Hsad done great work with the scenography of the party venue.

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