Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Imagine Peacefest -- November 11th-13th

Yikes this will be a busy weekend, with a three day peacefest, a bollywood party and I have a booking for playing Mah-Jong on Sunday...

Why can´t you people consult with the lairds secretary before making all these arrangements - don´t you realize the laird has a busy schedule?! ...but I will do my very best to get some of the action, I am of course most grateful for people who take the time and make the effort to entertain us all in our SecondLife!

Friday November 11
11-12pm: Opening Ceremonies at RAWA, Four Bridges
12 – 1pm: Museum of Afghanistan Tour, Four Bridges

1 – 2pm: Kueperpunk Kohonen, Comedy Cats Circus
2 – 3pm: Reis and Ald Alter, Cat’s Circus

5 – 6pm: Ga Go Gigamon! 7 Member Japanese band, Gwampa’s Castle

6 – 8pm: Unity Productions Imagine World Peace!

Saturday November 12
7 – 8am: Direct Democracy Workshop, Four Bridges N

8 – 9am: Universe is a Green Dragon, Imagine nest, Four Bridges

9 – 10am: Art Exhibition with DJ Gary Kohime! New Caerleon
10 – 11am: Art Exhibition with DJ Gary Kohime! New Caerleon

11 – 12pm: Russell Eponym, Peace is a Choice
12 – 1pm: Blues Heron, Peace is a Choice

1pm Metaverse Art RL exhibition
1.10pm The MANAX story
1.30pm Emoticon
2pm SL TLC
2.45pm New VJazz Show

3 – 4pm: IMAGINE PeaceFest Interview with Sandra Bérard of Cambodia READA w/ Peace Train’s Steve Mahaley

5 –9pm: Key West 3 hours of music
Max Kleene 5pm
Avantgarde Frequency 6pm
Gina Stella 7pm
Allister Westland 8pm

9 – 10pm: Tour of RAWA Museum of Afghanistan
10 – 11pm: Mankind Tracer, Rock Garden stage, Four Bridges

Sunday November 13
6 – 8am: Discussion with Dr. Andrew, SpeakEasy, Four Bridges

8 – 10am: A World Dance Party with images and art from around the world at Daft House Den and Carnival

11 – 12pm: Poetry – open mic

12 – 1pm: Pol Arida, singer / songwriter, and artwork by Second Renoir & Trill Zapatero, Solace Island
1 – 2pm: DRUM! Solace Island

1 – 2pm: RAWA Boho Hobo Fashion Show

2pm-3pm: Jana Kyomoon, The music ALL music Peace Park

2pm-4pm RL event - Old Dominon University hosts IMAGINE PeaceFest Spoken Word night. Location: House of Blues at the Webb Center. Featuring:
Nita Hurt
Poetikk Justice
Neisha Purvis
Cassandra IsFree
Members from the Flowetic Movement Poetry Group

3pm- 4pm: Talk by Delia Lake
at Virtually Speaking

4pm-6pm: More than a Peace of Art Auction

6 – 7pm: Virtually Speaking Sundays with Avedon Carol and Sam Seder

7 – 8pm: Louis Volare
8 – 9pm: Cylindrian Rutabaga

For updates and any programming changes of this immense event I suggest you visit my buddy Apmel Goosson´s blog "Min avatar heter Apmel"

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