Thursday, November 10, 2011

It´s Getting Cold Outside

Better cover up to protect the valuables!

I got this from a friend who thought it was better suited on my blog than on his own, and after laughing my ass off I totally agree with him!

Thanks to much, Apmel!

In SecondLife I use a huge sock for this, which I understand is the preferred way for the was majority of the "foreskinly" challenged American men to use for erhmmmm lets call it "self-satisfaction". That sock seems to pop up in every book I read, film I see and anything else where we can receive sociological knowledge about the habits of the current tribes in North America, the lacking of foreskin part at least.

I must say that to me the idea of using a sock seems scratchy and hurtful, but then I still have my foreskin so who am i to judge.

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