Friday, November 25, 2011

Job Opportunity at Linden Lab

I read on GWNews today that there is a job opening at Linden Lab, creators of SecondLife. in San Francisco, California.

My first instinct was "Bock, you must send in an application whatever the job is!" but when I kept reading and hardly understood any of the requirements and responsibilities I decided that perhaps I shouldn't burden the Lab with my CV.

After all what use would the Lab have of my talents as a semi-charming European pseudo-nobelman with almost five years of virtual living experience and an ability to often change appearances but still always remain stunningly handsome, mostly humble, often patient and sometimes friendly.

Especially when the Lab is looking for someone with "strong, versatile computer science fundamentals who will become core contributors to refactoring, building, and designing new features of our server product. You will need strong skills in application and server-side development and experience with open-software and distributed software teams is a plus" and responsibilities that include "Refactor code written mostly in C/C++ with some C# and python". (Ughhh say what...?)

When I had - very reluctantly - disqualified myself as a candidate I thought of Mrs. Vampi Twine-DeSantis (the laird´s main tech support), Mr sirhc De Santis (cool cat and skilled techie) and Mr. Sven Idyll (technical wiseguy with a profound knowledge of the workings of virtual worlds). I would warmly recommend all three for the job to my friends at the Lab.

If you wish to read the full ad and perhaps apply for the job go to Craigslist Software Engineer at Linden Lab.


  1. Oh go for it, put some common sense and good looks into Linden Labs for a change ;-)

  2. problem is.. you have to lie and cheat and keep secrets most of the time and im not good at any of that;) and i REALLY do not want to live i SF:) earthquakes and that they are bound to get the big one if im there hehe:)

  3. Pffft Vampi, the biggest earthquake to hit S.F. would be your and the cats arrival the rest should be a breeze after that.

    Ziggy, keep it up you are good for my self-confidence! ;)

  4. The Lab is primarily a software-service based business, which means almost everything in the company ultimately revolves around programmers and hardware.

    The Lab generally has a dozen or so positions open at any time:

    Things to be aware of: The hiring process can be extremely slow (It isn't unusual for a successful application to take many months. A year isn't rare). The Lab has an extremely gruelling interview process. The Lab doesn't pay all that well.

  5. Thanks for your comment, Anonymous, and for directing our attention to the Labs own job openings section.

    My reason for taking a job at the Lab would have nothing whatsoever to do with such mundane things like the size of the paycheck. My motivation would instead be to contribute to the growth and development of the dream and - of course - to rub shoulders with my ex-favorite CEO, now Chairman of the Board and suspected SL-vilifier, Philip Rosedale.

  6. You won't really see much of Philip around the company. Board meeting four times each year is about all, and the board members aren't exactly visible when they do meet.

  7. Duly noted, Anonymous! ;)

    For the record I would like to add that I did not really expect anything else, I was merely playing with my former adulation of the man. After all it is not often you run into the high and mighty in the company cafeteria anywhere ;)

  8. You're more likely to see him at his new business if you stop by.

  9. Yeah, I saw a video of that place a few months ago when it was opening it´s new premises in downtown San Francisco (I think it was). ;)

  10. I sent one in and was told I was too thin...Seriously, bad pay or not I would love to work at the Lab but Hell this is 2011 (probably, you know my sense of time) so why should anyone have to move to Amerika to do so? So very meatspace....

    hugs =^^=

  11. Well kitten, I saw something about a "teamplayer" in the add, perhaps they are looking for exchange of ideas on a daily basis - that would be easier if they were all in the same workplace, dontcha think?


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