Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Label, Same Nasty Content

The Sweden Democrats has today decided to change what they call their political ideology from "democratic nationalism" to "social conservatism".

The change is yet another step in the party´s attempts to clean up their act and become more appealing to the Swedish electorate by trying to cover up that the the party´s fundamental political perspective is xenophobic, anti-Islamic, antisemitic and anti anything whatsoever that is not Swedish according to their definition.

The party continues to work with a double set of political thought and language. One to hold the party members together and another on the public scene. Unfortunately for them - but luckily for the rest of us - sometimes leading members of the party cannot distinguish between the linguistic levels, which has lead to a series of rather comical mishaps and ensuing exclusions from the party due to racist comments posted on the internet.

According to the newly adopted policy program, the best thing for Sweden is if as many as possible have a "Swedish identity". The Swedish identity is defined as speaking fluent Swedish, living in accordance with Swedish culture and feeling more loyalty to Sweden than to any other country. Consequently, the party's main issue is still massively reduced immigration and, whatever they may say publicly, their main argument is still  that it is reprehensible to mix ethnic groups, religions and cultures.


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