Friday, December 30, 2011

Childish Tantrum

Someone else´s hissy fit has placed me in a state of yearning for payback.

I am almost certain I will remove all the stuff I have been moving around when I wake up later today, but anyway I am going with my vindictive urge for now.

I already feel foolish and childish enough for doing this so bare with me please and don´t judge me to hard for answering to my basest instincts - for a while.


  1. Revenge is delicious Bock and never feel guilty for payback if it is due!
    I recently gave somebody some payback for cheating on my (cough) and it was orgasmic!
    The more severe the reason the harsher the payback I say hehe

  2. Ahhhh Ziggy, I do feel I am in the right this time but still I feel sort of guilty by taking the same measures against the person that she has taken against me.

    Usually in the past I have always been the one to ask for forgiveness for having misinterpreted or misunderstood something she has written or for joking with her when I thought she was joking with me.

    However this time she has overstepped all my boundaries and has publicly condemned me for "(l)ong and enduring misogyny and female degradation", something that is totally alien for me to partake in. I totally and wholeheartedly recent her statements which are both untruthful and extremely hurtful.

  3. hear hear bock nuff said;) pöss

  4. That way of characterizing you Bock is completely incomprehensible to us in the Apmelfamily!

  5. Diana hands Bock a book on Buddhism :) Breathe with me Bock :) Meditation works wonders. A very wise monk once told me if the criticism is true, you should consider it and consider changing your behavior. If the criticism is not true, let it go. You only create bad karma by acting on it. Plus, you waste a lot of valuable time.

    Personally, I have known you for a long time now. I am a feminist, so I think I am a pretty good judge of who behaves like a misogynist and who does not. You have never behaved in a misongynistic way or degraded women to my knowledge.

    Whoever she is, she is responsible for her own happiness or suffering based on her actions and despite what you might wish for her. I would not waste any more time on divisive talk. Breathe, be happy and be at ease :) Diana smiles, waves, and poofs to SL to party the new year away! Big huggles, sweetie!

  6. *Bock takes three deliberate, slow and deep breaths and feels the tension leaving his body*

    Thanks guys, hugs and kisses to you all! ;)

  7. I strongly agree with Apmel and Diana and wish I could make as sensible comments as they do.
    I regret I fed I certain blog with an angry comment on your behalf Bock - I easily get in a tantrum myself at reading bullshit like that.
    I wish I more often could follow my own strong advice that I so generously give to others - keep out of it!
    Sadly I think the alleged male-chauvinist accusations she throws at you gives feminism a bad reputation.

  8. Which she, btw, seems to have censored : ))

  9. Thanks Kandinsky, I sometimes also wish I could follow that advice more often myself. Others tell me to and I do so myself, but then the demon devil flies into me and... LOL

  10. Pinch jaws Kandi or I sue you for that comment. I have other things to do during the day than to sit and watch when you please to comment.
    I have never censored a comment with a name and you know it. It is shameful of you to discredit me.
    Now, both yours and Apmels comment are published and answered.

  11. This is my blog, Vanadis, you do not have the privilege to tell anyone here to "pinch jaws" or anything else. If you cannot abide by that rule you might as well stay away.

  12. Anyone can accuse me of anything on your blog but I am not allowed to defend myself?
    Is that correct understood?

  13. Read what I wrote again, Vanadis, you do not seem to have understood correctly.


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