Sunday, December 11, 2011

Filling In For Saint Lucia

Saint Lucio in the crown
created by CurWay
for Lucia in SecondLife
The queen of Second Sweden, Ms. PetGirl Bergman (a.k.a. Tina Dahl) has taken a well deserved hiatus from her regular duties as regent, janitor, concierge, jack-of-all-trades and inspiring overseer of events.

Meanwhile we have reached the time in the year which usually sees the most magnificent and most well known event at the Swedish Embassy sims in SecondLife, the annual Lucia pageant. This event is traditionally celebrated every December 13th (or sometimes - in SecondLife - the weekend closest to that date).

When it became apparent to the Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm and prince of Cascade Falls, that there seemingly wouldn't be a Lucia Pageant at the Embassy this year, he called for a summit meeting of his staff to confer on this crisis.

After some of the uproar that the lairds news caused among his princes and princesses, dukes and duchesses etc. etc. it was determined that there would be pageants on some of the other Scandinavian sims and a Lucia Party at the friendly Club OrmDricka. Although the laird was somewhat calmed by the information about the OrmDricka festivities he - after a deep sigh - spoke up:

"It is not enough! We cannot let this responsibility be passed on to anyone else. We must take it upon ourselves to see to it that there is a pageant at the Embassy this year like every other year in the history of SecondLife!

Let it therefor be known that Saint Lucio will be filling in for Lucia this year and even if I have to make the walk myself it will be done, as it must be done! 

Inform his majesty king Bieber I at once of my decision, he may want to join with his consort the beautiful lady Nethermind.

Also inform all Swedes and all other people in SecondLife that they will be welcome to join me and walk the walk for Sweden and for SecondLife. We will need Lucias, Lucios, star boys, gingerbread men, chimney sweeps and Santas lots of them all.

The pageant walks on Tuesday December 13th, 2011, 11 AM SLT. Tell all willing and able bodied men and women to be there at 10.30 to get outfitted and ready. Warn them that the laird may decide to sing in voice..."

Landmarks to the pageant and to the viewing section and additional information will be supplied tomorrow Monday December 12th.


  1. Action! beslut! Arbete! Slutligen, en kronprins. WTF är en Laird?

  2. Hip Hip Hooray! Three cheers for the Laird! Sigh,I will miss the Pageant due to RL work. I know the Laird's entourage will capture the festivities in photos and post them for his public to see :) Way to go, Bock!

    For the first time since I became interested in learning Swedish, I think I am glad I don't know what anonymous is saying above. I have always believed if you can't put your name to a statement, then maybe you shouldn't issue it :)

  3. Haha Diana, not to worry! If my suspicions are correct the first comment is made by our revered majesty King Bieber I, he has a fascination for the Swedish language and insists on using Google Translate... with sometimes disastrous outcome.

    The kings comment translated to English reads, "Action! Decision! Work! Finally a crown prince. WTF is a laird?"

    I would like to answer his majesty King Bieber by paraphrasing the motto of the Coucy´s, "Roi ne suis, ne Prince ne Duc ne Comte aussi; Je suis le sire de Southern Charm" ("I am not a King, nor Prince nor Duke nor Count; I am the Laird of Southern Charm").

  4. If Bock sings I will record it!!

  5. Haha Apmel, many would wish you hadn't... just saying...


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