Sunday, December 4, 2011


Following my want-ad earlier today, I want to let you all know that Ms. Tina Dahl, aka PetGirl Bergman, etc., etc., have been recovered. She was found to be in both good health and good spirits given the uncertain circumstances of her disappearance.

After a proper chastisement for her disappearing act I most kindly forgave her and we all celebrated the third anniversary of Club OrmDricka with good music and chat.

During my stay inworld today I was also reached by the liberating news that one of the five witch queens has come down with foot-in-mouth disease, and unlike her usual manor has for once actually said what she means and thinks in a group chat.

"Wrong window!" was her excuse, but after close to five years in SecondLife who really believes her?

Over and out until Tuesday evening. Take care everyone and don´t do anything I might have done!


  1. Of course I had to try if I could bite my big toe.
    -Yes! Despite or perhaps because of long legs so it worked!
    -How I enjoyed it? Tested after the shower ... but well no taste I miss so I suffer from it. :)

  2. WOOOOO HOOOO!!! Glad to hear PetGirl is back!!! I love a funny redheaded, swedish gurl :)


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