Sunday, December 25, 2011

An Honorary McMillan

On this day H.R.H. Wild Zepp, spokesman for the McMillan household made this declaration.
"The Much Honored Bock McMillan, Laird of Southern Charm and prince of Cascade Falls etc., etc. today wishes you all a very merry Christmas.
To celebrate the day the laird has decided to name an honorary McMillan. As this is a very special privilege which grant the receiver the full rights to wear the family colors at any occasion he or she chooses and thereby becoming in effect an ambassador for clan McMillan it is no joking matter (although no voting rights or other clan privileges come with this honor).
After due consideration the laird has however found a very worthy recipient and has therefor on this day bestowed the honor upon his Sergeant at Arms sirhc DeSantis. Sirhc is well deserved of this honor due to his support in times of need and distress and for his successful efforts to keep the peace at his and his dear wife units premises and ever where else in SecondLife. 
It so happens that it is also said persons birthday in first life today, but that has had no influence on this decision by the laird and is merely coincidental. 
This kitten is courageous and kind and can go to venues and sims to which no other McMillans have dared to venture in many months. He will carry our offer of peace and goodwill to all!
An order will today be placed with the tartan maker extraordinaire of SecondLife mistress Elle74 Zaftig of the Bellissima establishment. Delivery of the tartan with full regalia should be expected as soon as the holidays are over.
All hail to our newest brother sirhc DeSantis-McMillan!"

The gathered McMillans cheer jubilantly and echo Wild´s final cry and start chanting at the top of their voices, "All hail sirhc, all hail sirhc newest brother of the McMillans" and "Three cheers for brother sirhc, hip-hip Hooray, hooray, hooray!!!"


  1. oh my !!! wish you could have seen his face when he read this;) pöss

  2. Un Neko Ardent Rampante sur une Bande d'argent avec une dessine de famille nommes inclus sur un lozenge 'normale' d'un arc de ciel.

    Sarge ? Yes pilgrim we never sleep


  3. @Vampi, I hope you have a photo to show me! ;) *smooches*

    @sirhc, I cannot understand what you mean, dear brother, but I am convinced that it is as sensible as it is inscrutable.


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