Saturday, December 24, 2011

Jussi for Christmas

Jussi Björling (5th February 1911 - 9th September 1960), the greatest Swedish tenor ever recorded, is required to jump start me into the necessary Christmas mood.

Here Jussi sings the Swedish version of "O Holy Night".

I wish you all a safe and joyous Christmas weekend. Be jolly, be kind, drive soberly and safely and don't hit anyone or get hurt, promise me that!

P.S. Haha I am a creature of habit! As I was tagging this post I noticed that I had tagged Jussi previously, and guess what? That post was from December 24th 2010 and he is singing the same song.

I am pathetic and unimaginative, even if I have to say so myself, but please, please, treat me kindly anyway.


  1. And a joyous Christmas weekend to you too buddy, the hell with safe:))

  2. The same procedure as every year, James!
    God Yule

  3. 'treat me kindly anyway' always =^^=


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