Saturday, December 17, 2011

Telling It Like It Is

Ziggy Starsmith, my buddy and fellow blogger, isn't all brawn and sexiness, but has a well functioning brain to match.

I never understood the mesh mess and why we should  have to suffer from the introduction of that feature into our wonderful world the way we have been forced to do these many months.

Read what Ziggy has to say in the matter Ban Mesh, Back To the Old Phoenix Viewer.

Rodvik Linden and all our other friends at Linden Lab, hear our cries of despair and our prays: Please, please, realize that mesh is a dead end and drop it now! You are killing us with lag and crashes and worsening our over all experiences inworld.

We want clothes that adapt to our avatars, not clothes that force us to adapt our avatars to the clothes. Back to the drawing boards again my wonderful, resourceful and creative team of programming geeks! (Yes, I do realize that there may be more to mesh than the bloody gawdawful clothes... but it still seems to stink.)

Jessica Lyon from the Phoenix/Firestorm team invites us to a seminar today to discuss matters.

"The Q&A will be held at1 PM SLT at the Rockliffe university regions with the following landmarks.
Note: Due to the amount of people we expect to arrive, please arrive early and use the following landmarks based on the first letter of your first name.

A - I:
J - R:
S - Z:"

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