Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Woman I Love

"Millimina", photo by Millimina Salamander
I know she always loves me,
I know she always forgives me,
I know she will always support me
and she has always been there for me

Even when she scolds me,
even when she is angry with me,
even when I am bad, forgetful, selfish, thoughtless, cruel or just plain stupid,
she is always there for me.

She is my memory,
she comforts me when I cry and
she holds me, hugs me when I don´t deserve it.
She will always be there, for me.

I will always love you, my darling sister Millimina, and I am so sorry I forgot your rezday on December 6th, but you didn't remind me... (Hugs to Apmel for stepping in!)

Ugh sorry, but I am no poet (as if I need to tell you...)


  1. True buddy, and thanks agsin for the reminder! ;)

  2. From sleepless to speechless...

    Thank you dear Bock!


  3. -Forgot your sisters bithday! -Say no more!

  4. Hugs Milli, I anm fortunate to have a forgiving and understanding sister! Love you always! ;)

  5. @Vanadis *hangs heaad in shame* Guilty as charged and I have no excuses!


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