Saturday, December 31, 2011

All Systems Are Go

My kiddo and Janttu, safe and accounted for  
My sister Millimina, safe and accounted for  
My brother in-law Andrey (BIL), safe and accounted for  
My Wilson-family, safe and accounted for  ✓
My first life family, safe and accounted for  
My friends, safe and accounted for 
Myself, on the mend  

Ignore those who drain positive energy and drag down with bullshit     

Physical, mental and emotional stability  
Energy levels
Navigation and GPS

All systems are go, go, go! 

Lets head for the glorious future that awaits us. Life and SecondLife are fun, wonderful, beautiful and friendly places to be in.

Sergeant of Arms, the Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm and prince of Cascade Falls etc., etc.sends the following orders to you;

"As you have been on duty all through last week, i.e. also on your rezday on December 30, you are hereby graciously relieved from further duties for a period no less than - but not exceeding - two (2) days. 

Please note;, This in no way relieves you from your marital obligations towards covering any needs your missus may have or any demands she may make on your luscious body (gardening, water carrying or such chores - but what do I know about what goes on in a heterosexual relationship. Just clench your teeth, look at the ceiling - or the sky if you happen to be outdoors when she gets the urge -  and think of Southern Charm!"

Happy belated rezday, sirhc buddy!,Enjoy your vacation in Secondlife!

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