Wednesday, January 4, 2012

cbreak´s Photo Exhibition

The artist and his wife in front of a piece I bought
Today I looked in at cbreak´s first exhibition in SecondLife of his first life photography. I had been planning to go to the opening the past weekend, but some crap got under my shoe.

I must say I liked a lot of what I saw. Some things more than others, but isn´t that the way it always is? Some pieces actually struck me as being a fusion between first and second life in a very interesting way although, I am sure, all the pictures were taken before cbreak had joined us in SecondLife.

While I was looking around I was joined by the artist himself and his partner Blanche (née Argus). We had a pleasant talk about his work and the fact that they had met, fallen in love and partnered so early in his second life. My conclusion to the happy two was, that whenever you meet love just accept it.

It should be worthwhile for anyone interested in photography or art to make a visit. cbreak hasn't gotten used to the SL artists exorbitant rates yet, so he is selling his stuff dirt cheap.

Take the SLurl to the exhibition.The exhibition continues through January 8.

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