Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thank You All

When I read the infamous bloggers comment earlier today I cried with hurt, frustration and anger over her gall and self righteousness in questioning my Ars ever having existed and for my life in SecondLife of being a display of mere theatrics.

I calmed myself down enough to write this comment on her blog;

"Neither you, nor (one of the bloggers cronies who was also commenting) deserve an answer, but I would still like to say that you should be ashamed (bloggers name) for bringing into question Ars´s existence or meaning in my and other people´s lives. 
Apparently your journalistic talent or integrity didn´t stretch far enough to care to investigate on whether your suspicions were true. 
I am sad for (one of the bloggers friends) misfortune (in having lost both her parents in a car accident a few years ago) and congratulate her for her ability to recover from that in a speedy manner. However, I did not know that she by doing so had set the timetable for my own grief. I still do not understand in what way you perceive that I have harassed (the above mentioned friend), but that doesn't matter anymore. 
1 januari 2012 16:14"

After this I lost it for awhile and then wrote the post you have been answering to, my wonderful friends, and I sent it out to all on my friends-list.

On this first day of 2012 I had promised myself that I would not get baited by foolish people, but the immensity of her allegation brought that resolution to the ground and I cried because of her stupidity.

Now I am crying again, this time with pride over your response in coming to bear witness over a great man who has indeed lived with us all. From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank those of you who speedily came to my assistance when I called out for help! You guys and girls are the salt of the earth, I love you deeply!

I completely understand those who have let me know that you cannot testify in this because you did not know my Ars and those who have told me that the best action is to ignore the girl, I was to upset when I sent out the card to think who could or could not have known my Ars.

I hope all of you a better continuation of 2012, I have as you may have seen prophesied that it will be a most wonderful year. Lets do that together!

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  1. Anytime you need!! Now let beauty and love shine BIL. Love you!


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