Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Are You Married?

On the amazing J.M.G. I saw this news.

If you are heterosexually challenged and married (hand-fasted, jumped over the broom or whatever ceremony was performed) to someone of the opposite sex but do not feel threatened by allowing marriage to be extended to same-sex couples there is a group for you to "Like" if you are on Facebook.

The group is called "Heterosexuals for Same-Sex Equality" (HSSE)

Link to the HSSE-group on Facebook. The group is presently running a photo campaign where you and your spouse can post pictures of yourselves. The HSSE also has a website.

And as that group on Facebook must likely will only accept first life contributions I will offer my blog as an affiliate to it and will start accepting contributions from avatars in SecondLife.

The following rules apply
1. Heterosexually challenged couples
2. Married, partnered etc. etc.
3. A sign in the picture showing the message
"Gay marriage doesn't threaten our marriage"
4. Send  your contribution to my e-mail lundamats@gmail.com. or drop it on my SecondLife profile (make certain the picture is sent with full rights). Some editing of the picture may occur.
5. If you drop the picture on my profile name the picture with both the spouses avatar names. If you send an email tell me the avatar names in the message.

Cute straight couple
Example from Facebook, but hey play around with the theme!

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