Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blog Stats for January 2012

Bock in SecondLife reached a new all time high during January 2012. The number of pageviews for January 2012 is 14 334 pageviews, while December 2011 had 10 814 pageviews and November 2011 had 12 711 pageviews.

The previous records were set in October 2011 (13 436 pageviews), September 2011 (12 749 pageviews) and July 2011 (12 477 pageviews). I should imagine that this record was reached much due to the traffic caused by the uproar that followed on New Years Day when Ars´s existence was drawn into question by a mudslinger.

Sweden still leads as my all time largest reader country with 60 520 pageviews, while the United States comes in at 40 448 pageviews and the United Kingdom in third place with 6 252 pageviews.

The three largest language groups among my readers in January 2011 were English (59,1 %), Swedish (25,5 %) and German (8,3 %).

Please note The aforementioned pageviews do not include my own visits as I have used the opportunity Blogger offers to exclude visits from my own browser from the stats.


  1. You will see that your first 100,000 hits were the hardest, and after that, each 100,000 comes more quickly. It looks like you will have 200,000 more hits in the next 12 months if these numbers keep on increasing, which they will, since you are building up more content that can be searched for. This is credit to your great content most of all.


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