Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hostile Takeover Bid for Apple Inc?

The financial markets all over the world today went rampant with rumors that the SecondLife-based BMcM Corporation may be launching a hostile takeover bid for Apple Inc. This news followed the recent news that Apple Inc is now worth more than Microsoft and Google combined or the GDP of the Kingdom of Sweden for one year.

The Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm, prince of Cascade Falls and filthy rich owner of BMcM, smiled enigmatically and declined to comment on this rumor when he was confronted in the company of a stunningly beautiful man in a sordid backstreet bar in the ill-reputed  Zindra Region.

Prince Wild Zepp, the official spokesman for the McMillan household, only snorted "Ridiculous!" and then turned his back to this reporter and refused to comment further.

This "tactic of silence" from the McMillan household is well known from similar business deals in the past. We will of course keep you updated as this story as it evolves.

(...and if you did not guess it already, it´s a joke...)


  1. Can I be your bitch Bock? Will you move me to Sweden and keep me in style? Warning -- I am VERY high maintenance so even your controlling interest in Apple might not satisfy my shopping sprees.

    1. Not to rub it in, Eddi, but aren't you already? (I had you cast in the role of "a stunningly beautiful man in a sordid back street bar in the ill-reputed Zindra Region") ROFL

  2. LOL I have a story to tell. My partner of three years, Jago Constantine,is able to put up with just about all of my antics without loosing his temper. Think of a gay "I Love Lucy" on steroids. The only time he totally lost it with me is when, for some reason, I decided to make a female alt and not tell him. She was absolutely stunning, I got some help from one of the major brothel owners in Zindra in decking her out and making sure she looked hot. I also signed up with her agency (as a joke of course) as a Zindra escort. I then came home to Jago and sat on his lap -- wearing an escort tag-- and said "want to give it a go sugar?" Jago blew his stack, and I mean REALLY got pissed off. He said "Eddi I have put up with your hairbrained stunts for too long, but this takes the cake. I am not putting up with this. How long have you been selling yourself as a chick?". When I showed him that my avatar was one day old, he calmed down but told me never to push his limites like that again. LOL. BTW the lady avatar has not seen the light of day for over a year, and still has maintained her virginity since the though of having sex as her, even paid, is way too weird for me even though there were many offers.

    1. Haha the patient Jago has all my sympathies! You are one lucky man, Eddi, now don´t push him any further ... for awhile ... LOL


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