Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just Get Out al-Assad informs us;
The United Nations general assembly has approved a resolution backing an Arab League plan that calls on the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to step down and strongly condemns human rights violations in Syria by his regime.
The vote in the 193-member body was 137-12 with 17 abstentions. Russia and China, who vetoed a similar resolution in the security council, voted against the resolution.
There are no vetoes in the general assembly and its resolutions are not legally binding, but they do reflect world opinion on major issues.
Western diplomats were hoping for a high yes vote to deliver a strong message to Assad to immediately end all human rights violations and attacks on civilians and hand power to his vice-president.
"Today the UN General Assembly sent a clear message to the people of Syria - the world is with you," US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice said in a statement. "An overwhelming majority of UN member states have backed the plan put forward by the Arab League to end the suffering of Syrians. Bashar al-Assad has never been more isolated." (Full article here)

"Fuck the hell out of there al-Assad and for fucks sake stop killing your people", is my interpretation of the worlds message to Assad in this resolution.

Not surprisingly the mass murderer by proxy of his own people Assad was supported - yet again - by Russia, under orders from the "little father" Putin and his puppet Medvedev. and the Dictatorial Republic of China.

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