Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Scandal: Ex-Minister Gropes Guests & Shows Dick

Anders Borg, Sweden’s former finance minister (2006-2014), has resigned as deputy chairman of technology investment group Kinnevik after a scandal over his drunken behavior at a party recently in the Stockholm archipelago.

Fifty of Sweden's highest, mightiest and finest industrialists were among the guests. The guest list did, however, not include either HRM King Carl Gustaf or HRM Queen Silvia of Sweden or Bock McMillan, the Much Honored laird of Southern Charm.
At the party Mr Borg became totally wasted by consuming too much alcohol. Borg's behavior at a party deteriorated rapidly. He started calling several of the women present "whores", "sluts" and "bitches". He also whipped out his penis, grabbed other male guests in the crotch and urged them to take out their penises so they could compare sizes.

Oh, how the mighty do fall... 


  1. What a BLAST!! I haven't partied like that since Reagan kicked the bucket!!! I kept telling Anders to switch to beer but he was too busy trying to get his hands down my pants while singing ABBA songs!!!

    Such a shame you didn't get an invitation, dear sweet Bock. What's that thing Heidi Klum says? "One day you're in and the next ..."

    Gotta run, I've got the Canadian Prime Minister on hold. Caio :-)

    1. Hmmm. That sounded a lot like Not Dej

    2. LOL Dej, yes I recognized Not-Dej too, he does hang around Heidi a bit too much for comfort and is picking up some bitchy habits :)


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