Saturday, March 31, 2012

Anton Shakes His Ass

Anton Hysén and Sigrid Bernson dance together in Let's dance 2012
So our favorite young and out footballer Anton Hysén is in the Swedish version of the television show  "Dancing With The Stars", which in Sweden is called "Let´s Dance 2012". (SIC!!! The new name is soooo much more Swedish sounding that the need for this inscrutable meddlesomeness is fully warranted - NOT).

See Anton practicing his moves and shaking his cute ass in a very winning way at his website Anton Hysén; "Dancing With The Stars".

Unfortunately we have learned Anton will not be dancing with another man because, according to the British judge Tony Irving (gay as a three dollar bill himself) on; "This Is Why Anton Isn´t Dancing With A Man", "firstly he did not ask for a male dance partner (... and if he had it would have caused problems...) because the rules of couples dancing are very heteronormative and it would have made it more difficult to judge."

This season sees the participation of among others Marcus Schenkenberg (male model) and Camilla Henemark (self-proclaimed ex-mistress of his majesty Carl XIV Gustaf, King of Sweden).

The show is broadcast on Friday evenings, 12 PM SLT, on Swedish TV 4 (my assistant - me, myself, I - was sloppy and failed to inform me about this in time).

UPDATE: I found a clip of last nights premier show which I hope you all can watch on TV 4 Play, Let´s Dance (only until April 6, 2012), Anton enters at 1:08:58 and is followed by the ex-mistress.


  1. Dancing seems to be more appealing when it is done by man and woman. The graceful way in which man and woman flow together with such harmony just seems to be more natural.

    I'm not saying that 2 men dancing can't be just as graceful, just that the man/woman combination is more appealing.

    1. I can understand your point of view, Dan, but only because both my parents and many of my friends are also "heterosexually challenged" ;))

      (This is a correction of my previous reply)

    2. Absolutely ridiculous. What else are you going to say? That man/woman relationships are more "more natural" too?



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