Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ballroom Dancing

The first time I met Kahvy Sands was in the summer of 2007. Already back then he was living together with his husband Rick and their friend BM "Big Momma" Oh. I went to a few parties the three friends arranged and always had a good time.

We lost touch a bit after I got together with Ars, but we kept on talking once in a while and sent each other cards for the holidays. I was invited to them today for a ball room dance to celebrate Big Momma´s rezday. The huge ballroom was full of beautiful women in gorgeous gowns and men in dreary tuxedos which they still managed to look dashingly handsome in.

I haven't danced ballroom in a while but with the directions from Kahvy - who was also the DJ - about which dances to choose on the Intan I must say I danced like a God and made my all dance partners - and myself - proud. 

Here are a few pictures.
Kahvy and I
Big Momma and I

Wannahave Ferraris and I
Finishing off with Kahvy again
It is amazing how easy it is to reconnect with old friends sometimes and to make some new ones too. I had a good chat with Big Momma and I must say she is nowhere close to the diva that I thought she might be when I first saw her. She is a really fun and kind woman and very genuine ("echt"). It was a pleasure to get to know her.


  1. hey Gorgeous! Kahvy Here! Was great to have you with us! Make no mistake, BM is a big Diva, but also with a heart of gold! She's only a Diva when she needs to be ;) The good kind! :-D You're a great dancer! Luf ya hunk! XX

    1. Hey handsome, so good you found your way to the blog. ;) (I am sure the fact that I sent you a link had nothing whatsoever to do with it)!

      I had a great time Kahvy, thanks again for inviting me, and please send greetings from me to BM also!


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