Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bragging Rights

Bragging rights are the rights granted to someone that allow him or her to boast on themselves to a certain extent without being looked down on for it.
The goal sign says "In The Tracks Of (Our) Fathers For Future Victories"
Today is "The Vasa Race Sunday" here in Sweden. The Vasa Race (Vasaloppet) is an annual long distance (90 kilometers or 55 miles, 1,625.1 yards) cross-country ski race held on the first Sunday of March in northwestern Dalarna, Sweden, between the village of Berga by (outside the larger village of Sälen) and the town of Mora. 

It is the oldest, one of the longest, and in popular consideration the biggest cross-country ski race in the world. The race was first run in 1922, inspired by a run by the Swedish King Gustav Vasa in 1520. Leading up to the main event, the Vasa Race itself, the tracks are open for noncompetitive skiers the whole week before ("Open track").

Jörgen Brink/Scanpix
This year the race was won by Jörgen Brink (third time in a row) in the fastest time ever of 3 hours 38 minutes 41 seconds, while the other 16.000 poor sods will be at it for another 9 hours more.

The Vasa Race is a must-do for every Swedish Man´s man, or for that matter every Woman´s woman since 1981. Having accomplished this feat you get bragging rights for life if you do it with dignity and some decent humility.

As accomplishing the Vasa Race, whether the main race itself or the noncompetitive variety, have become not uncommon the really, really, reallyreally, REALLY macho men and women have had to up the stakes and a thing called "A Swedish Classic" (or lovingly referred to as simply "the classic") has been invented. 

The classic consists of a combination of four Swedish endurance feats and has been around since 1972. To receive the diploma you have to accomplish all four endurance events within a period of twelve months. The events consist of
By now more than 32,000 people (mostly Swedes), whereof 6,000 women, have accomplished this and can brag about being "A Swedish Classic".

Needless to say I am - of course - man enough to be a man without those stupid races. (Yes, you may indeed call it sour grapes if you must.)


  1. There are so many ways to prove that a man is a man (and a woman a woman for that matter) and the "Classic" is just one of them...

    Personally I proudly state that "Music saved me from sports" ;-)

    Furthermore I do not see the need to prove myself a man, more than the pure physical attributes that I am born with...

    1. You and I alike, Erestor! ;)

      Just one thing though, I may need some sort of tangible evidence, like notarized affidavits or simply a picture as proof of your last statement...


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