Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Crash, crash, crash and crash again

Chaos by Rob Ijbema
I haven´t crashed as much as I have done the last two days since 2007, it is getting really boring. Even if I can still remember the evening when I crashed 24 times and came back these days I don´t have Ars waiting to get back too, so I usually give up after five or six crashes these days.

Anything can cause a crash. Editing an object, changing clothes or taking a picture but most of all simply trying to teleport.

For more paintings by Rob Ibejma please visit his blog "Painting Le Tour - 3 weeks of nothing but pain and torture"


  1. I noticed a lot of crashing too last 2 days plus I spent an hour last night moving some landscaping objects and when I logged on this morning the damn things were back in their original position as if last night didn't exist!
    Seems SL is slowly reverting back to 2007 again!

  2. I also had a lot of crashes and difficulties by building. It started after I begun wearing my new mesh-hair.
    Anybody had similar experience?

  3. I started crashing every two hours or so ever since I installed the new version of Firefox. I take very high resolution photographs in large numbers, which contributes to the crashing. My hunch was that switching to another viewer would not help that much.

    Second Life will continue to have unstable performance as long as Linden and third party viewers change on a regular basis, and application complexity increases (mesh being the biggest). It should get better over time before the new version of "improved" viewers and applications come to market. Every wonder why the large majority of new users do not continue after the first few tries?

  4. I too have had problems, but these started a few months ago. Usually I crash or get logged out when I try to TP. The new firestorm didn't fix that problem for me.
    Also I noticed that I am a cloud to myself and/or Ruth to others a lot these days. That did start after I started using the new firestorm.
    Guess we will have to wait for new updates etc.


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