Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Little First Life Drama

Man in doorway, art by Eugène Jansson
You may be wondering why I didn't post yesterday, so this is what happened in my first life.

I got home from work around 4 PM. Suddenly I got a really heavy coughing attack and I could actually feel something rupture under my beautiful belly button. A few minutes later a small swelling appeared under the  belly button. It hurt a little but not too bad, so I went for my afternoon nap.

When I woke up two hours later the swelling was the size of a tangerine and was all swollen, hard and tender to the touch. I tried pushing it back inside without success, so I called the regional medical hotline to ask for some advice about what to do.

The nurse on the other end told me that I most likely had gotten a rupture in a weak spot under the naval and the intestines had pushed through and I had gotten an umbilical hernia. As the hernia was now hard and big it had probably become strangulated. She told me I was in need of immediate care and should go to the emergency at once. I argued with her and told her that I was a reasonably fit man in otherwise good health and and didn't have any bad pains from it and asked if I should really go there, couldn't I just book an appointment with a doctor on Monday and have it taken care of? She then asked me, "Do you want to die?".

I got the message and walked to the emergency at the hospital that is only about a kilometer from where I live. Once I got there my problem did not seem that serious compared to everything else they had to deal with on this busy Friday night. After an hour a lot of tests and blood work were taken, which all confirmed that I was in good health except for the hernia, which by now had grown to the size of an orange.

After the tests I waited around for a few hours more, all the while feeling guilty for being at the emergency ward with something that didn't seem important. At midnight I asked a nurse if it wasn't better if I went back home and made a reservation to see a doctor on Monday. She told me I should stay and would be taken care of in 10-15 minutes.

I was later led to a examination room and was seen by a good doctor of American extraction. He then gave me two injections, a tranquilizer and a painkiller, after which he successfully pushed the swelling - by this time the size of a small grapefruit - back into my belly.

The doctor told me he was going to refer me to surgery and that they would contact me in the not to distant future, meanwhile I should just keep pushing the intestines back inside and come back for help if I could not do it. I could then finally leave the hospital at 2:30 AM and walk back home while i was still a little dazed by the tranquilizer.

I will now answer to the name "Bock with Brock" (The Swedish word for hernia is "bråck", which is pronounced like the American name Brock)


  1. dear Bock with bråck
    You got the right advice from that nurse.
    A hernia that increses likes yours on a male is not to play with.If it twist it takes about 3 hours for the bulb vessels to die
    So Im happy that for once swedish helthcare worked!
    No heavy lifts friend!! until u had that operation hear me??-OK

    1. I hear you loud and clear, Ziga dear, it´s a promise! :)

  2. aaaaaowww:( no heavy lifting and hold your hand there when you cough or sneeze...this you will probably have to think about for the rest of your life tho:( lots of hugs

  3. Be Careful Bock, you are not in Secondlife (this would never happen btw)= ! take care of your RL

  4. Bock, be careful. I had that when i was 11 years old and nearly died. Have it looked after immediately.
    We need you around here not 6 feet under or i will come after you in the afterlife and hurt you ;-)

  5. not after the op Vampi.. then he can cough.. hehe he:)Its painless and very clean op.. dont worry dear

  6. Thanks darlings, I am doing OK now just a little sore around the rupture and tired from the experience. And I do have to put pressure on the hole when I cough so the guts don´t spill out again ;)

    After your threat Ziggy, I will get the procedure done a.s.a.p. ;P

    Hugs and kisses all around!

  7. Ooooh, just saw this. I have a hangover and thought that was bad. TAKE CARE!

    1. Haha no problems Apmelito, my sympathies! My remedy to spare myself from that is to drink loads of water (1-1,5 liters) and take two paracetamols before going to bed. That usually helps me avoid the hangover.

      If I should still happen to wake up with one lots of water, two paracetamols and back to bed for more sleep helps.

      Actually I do think a hangover is usually more painful than the problem I had. My problem was more scary to me because I had not encountered it before but really not that painful.

      I wish you a speedy recovery, buddy, take care!


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