Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Menswear Fashion Week

The Menswear Fashion Week in SecondLife starts on Friday March 23 and runs until Saturday March 31, 2012.

Read about this must-do for every male fashionista and all the events on MWFW2012 and SirenProductions; Menswear Fashion Week Events.

You may even have the possibility to meet my buddy Apmel Goosson (fashionista extraordinaire) there...if they don´t eject him for being too cute to be straight (2Q2BSTR8) and still being just that.

SLurl to Menswear Fashion Week 2012


  1. Replies
    1. Haha don´t say things like that in comments, people could start to suspect that you are as gay as your fashion sense would suggest! ;)

      Hugs buddy!

  2. Thank you for sharing :) fashion is nice and cheap compare to RL =)

    1. LOL damn true buddy, and aren't we all happy for that! I already have a small fortune in unused clothing in my Inventory...


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