Monday, March 5, 2012


The much honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm and prince of Cascade Falls, lost his usual composure today and became teary-eyed and weak in his beautiful, well proportioned, hairy knees when he heard the news and the realization hit him with full force.

Carl Bildt
For the first time in history he was in agreement with the Swedish Foreign Minister, His Excellency Mr. Carl Bildt, about anything whatsoever.

"This was an unfair election process", said Carl Bildt, commenting on the Russian presidential election.

Vladimir Putin
"Putin won the election but observers suggest a significant deficiency", says Bildt. He continued to state that "Russia must improve its political system if the country wishes to become a European democracy like the others."

"Who would have thought that this could ever happen? Is there something I should reconsider, can I be wrong about Putin and the Russian election?", were questions the laird asked himself in the shocking moment when his perception of  the world was rocked to its foundations. 

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