Sunday, April 29, 2012

At Sundays SP 2012 Meeting

As an interested member of Second Pride 2012 I usually try to drop in at the board meetings that are open to the general membership. I have always liked to keep an eye on what my elected officials are up to. As I am quite used to these types of meetings I can pretty surely asses if there is discord within the group, where the divisions may be and sometimes over what issues.

To my relief I am able to report that the SP 2012 boards work seems to be safely on track and that things are moving along at a good speed. Levi Ewing and his builders are working on swiftly and beautifully. The ideas for events are both interesting, well on their way or doable in the limited time that is left.
The coming Second Pride Festival promises to be the best one ever! I am so happy that I have already secured that I will be on vacation from my first life work for the two weeks that the festival will last.

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