Sunday, April 29, 2012

Special Treatment

By some Freudian slip a certain part of yesterday had completely slipped my mind until I just received these pictures from Iendi Laville in my email.

I made a donation to Second Pride 2012 at the fundraiser yesterday. Helyo Mendes,  owner of Le 5eme élément, told me that such a donation had to earn me "a special treatment"

So here are the pictures of the lap dance i got from dear Helyo, I am sure we would still be doing it if I had not told him I would make another donation of the same size if he let me go!

It was really fun but the lag did something to my camera and I couldn't take pictures myself. "Luckily" Iendi was there and extremely willing to document the event for "historical purposes". Iendi tells me I looked really scared, but of course I wasn't! I have had sexy men climbing all over me and rubbing their hot bodies against me frequently.


  1. Well...maybe not scared, but a littele uncomfortable ;)

    1. No comments ;) (I just don´t want to break the illusion about my wild and crazy sex life that some may still have.)


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